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soft animal

photos & prints by Andrea Cacase

June 3 July 13

Soft animal is Andrea Cacase’s first solo exhibition featuring photographs and prints from the past few years. Her photography consists of landscapes, portraits, and still lifes, all taken on Polaroid film. The prints are a mix of photo emulsion transfers, monotypes, and etchings.

Poetry is a big source of inspiration for Cacase’s work. The title of the show comes from the Mary Oliver poem Wild Geese. In the poem, Oliver compares the struggle of the human experience to the natural world’s ability to move along effortlessly. She advices the reader to “let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” The poem celebrates nature’s grandeur and its ability to remind people, that even at their lowest moments, they’re part of something vast and meaningful.

Darl, artistic photograph of the moon reflected in water bordered by trees

The show also includes a collaborative project with friend and sculptor Tim Bearse entitled Mood of the Mason. Together they created a series of unique site-specific frames to display her images. The piece marries the soft etherial world of Cacase’s photography, with the rough hard-edged surfaces of woodworking and masonry. It’s a nod to the historic buildings in downtown New Bedford and the ways in which they’ve been restored and repurposed for our contemporary pursuits.

The frames were created using various digital fabrication techniques. Twenty locations were selected on the 40 foot rock wall located within the Co-Creative Center. Each location on the wall was then scanned and turned into a 3D model. The 3D models were then used to carve out the rock formations into the backs of 20 wooden blocks using a CNC router. Each frame nestles perfectly into the wall while displaying the various groupings of images. The piece requires the viewer to get up close and personal with each photo and frame to take in their unique shapes and forms.

137 Union Street
New Bedford, MA 02740 United States